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Todd Mendes
New Haven CT

Our Philosophy

A Love Affair With Wood

At Todd Mendes Woodworking, we are craftsmen and all that entails; artisans committed to the highest level of craftsmanship in both furniture and timber framing. It’s our goal to immerse ourselves in the material process of woodworking, in hopes of arriving at the most elegantly simple joining of form and function.

The learning curve of those who choose to be craftsmen is long and steep. It’s a path for those compelled toward making beauty through functionality. We are believers in the Shaker axiom that beauty rests on utility. If a craftsman uses the wood wisely and in the correct application, he becomes the conduit by which the wood he takes from the tree assumes its second life as home or furniture.

Going Green has been our mission long before it was trendy. We call it Yankee ingenuity. Take only that which you need and save he rest for the future. Before the concern over carbon footprint, those determined to build used local wood and stone because that was using common sense. To reuse, repurpose, and recycle materials, whenever possible is being true to yourself and the environment from which it comes. This is why we are committed to using local and renewable resources from managed Eastern forests as opposed to shipped lumber sources from the other side of the continent in the Pacific Northwest or British Columbia.

At Todd Mendes Woodworking we are passionate about our love affair with wood.